ClickFunnels : Quickly Create Beautiful Sales Funnels

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnel.com is cloud-based lead generation program all allows the businesses in the e-commerce industry and other industries of similar types automate email and Facebook marketing processes and convert visitors into customers. Or shorty they will be doing digital marketing services for your online businesses.

Well some of those who are reading about digital marketing for the first time might not be familiar with clickfunnels but those who are familiar with digital marketing i am sure that they must have heard about the clickfunnels at least once.

What is a Funnel….?

What Exactly Is The Difference Between A Website And A Sales Funnel?

Here is different views of members of clickfunnels about this difference ,

  • The biggest difference between a website and funnel is that, a website doesn’t do any thing.
  • Websites are great , they look beautiful and people have lot of options, but you have no control there.
  • So often , I would find myself, as a consumer, I come to a website and it’s just a wall.
  • Website is nothing more than a digital resume.
  • Websites kind of just makes things complicated.


Now about funnels…

  • A funnel on the other hand is a very simple way of organizing a thought. There’s a little more action taking place.
  • You are almost guiding people through an experience.
  • Rather than leaving me guessing on what is the right fit for me. A funnel takes you exactly wo where the funnel builder wants you to go


So I thing reading those points you already have a lot of idea about the funnels and

ClickFunnels Is a website and sales Funnel builder for Entrepreneurs. You don’t need to be a programmer and know coding but can easily build beautiful pages inside of a sales funnel, to grow your company online!

Advantages of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels saves a lot of time for you for the things which would other wise require a lot of time to do.

  • Makes you Earn money

The main focus of ClickFunnel is about making money for the user and according to me which is most important for the user as well. It is very easy to make an account here, put up the content that you want and start taking payments as simple as that.

  • Drag and Drop Builder

You can build your whole page just drag and drop. And after doing it just a couple of times it would be so much easier for you. You can use the templates to you use it for later as well.

  • WordPress Plugin

You will surely be familiar with WordPress and if you are switching from wordpress to ClickFunnels there are no issue. You can use those wordpress plugins here as well.It saves a lot of time and is much less of a hassle than working between ClickFunnels and WordPress without a plugin.

The Clickfunnels WordPress plugin is also rated a solid 4.4 stars in the WordPress plugin repository, with over 20,000 active installations. You can see this in image below :

Some other features are

  1. A/B testing
  2. Great selection of Integrations
  3. All in one

Overall, : You can build your landing pages, create forms and order forms, and trigger emails all at one platform.

All of this will really does save your time and money, resources you’d otherwise need to spend on developers, CSS, hosting configurations, and other things.

ClickFunnels Pricing 

There are two plan in ClickFunnels. One standard Plan and other their Clickfunnels Platinum Plan. Clickfunnels is $97 a month and Platinum comes in at $297 a month. But before that you can take a 14 day free trial so that you would know that these prices are worth it.

If you pay annually instead of monthly, you get two months free ($997 for ClickFunnels and $2,997 for Platinum).


How to get started ??

Even if you are new to these things and wanna start then this is the best place for you. Every thing is explained and a step by step guide is provided in the website itself. So just visit the website and easily register and can start a Free 14 day trial and after that you will know yourself you should also switch to clickfunnels.



Udimi Solo Ads Review

What is Udimi ?

Udimi is a solo ads marketplace where buyers and sellers can get in contact with each other to trade solo ads deals. They’re willing to sell you advertisements for relatively cheap money.

Udimi is one of biggest sites where you can purchase high quality  solo ads to promote your online business opportunity.

You will say there are many other sites which says the same but the thing that makes udimi different from all other solo ads websites is that Udimi guarantees the traffic.

Only genuine and targeted traffic

The thing which i most like about it that it filter out junk traffic and useless clicks so you don’t have to pay for them, and as said above they guarantee the traffic and if in some case they fail to deliver all clicks.

You can be totally sure that your ads will only be delivered to the target audience only whom you want to sell or offer your services bots and fake traffic will be automatically filtered out.

User reviews

As you can see on udimi website itself quoted that

In 2020 alone we’ve got 2978 ”I Got Sales” testimonials from our happy solo ad buyers, plus 432 713 positive ratings from buyers who distribute free content on their sites.”

And this is true. So many customers are already pretty happy using its services.

Also you can check here.

Here you can see the user reviews of using their services and most of them are pretty satisfied and happy .


The major issue in most websites is the user protection but in Udimi you don’t need to worry about it. Udimi connects buyers and sellers directly, and this is the main reason that udimi is at the number 1 priority for its costumers.

No other third parties are involved in any of the steps and udimi guarantee total control over the process and a successful result.

Also the payment is done by udimi itself not by sellers so you never need to worry about the payment or getting scammed and timely payment is done to sellers for their services.

Also the review section which i mentioned above as well, it works on principle of blind rating which guarantees that those reviews are 100% honest.

Udimi Pricing

First of all udimi is 100% free to join So you can register an account, and browse different vendors to see which vendors have which deals . As a free member, you can message other members, view real reviews, post on their forums, and there’s even an email list cleaning service.

The only thing you really have to pay for, is when you are buying the ads there.

The price of Udimi solo ads is very reasonable – the typical cost is between $0.35-$0.95 per click.

The reason why each solo ad cost is different from each other is because each seller sets their own pricing on a per click basis. Usually, the higher cost-per-click rate is the higher quality of the email list you can expect to get.

And Udimi users can upgrade their accounts to the Prime Membership, which costs $19.95.

If you a get a Prime Membership you will have some advantages for sure, you will get an advanced filtering on all your solos on top of base filtering. So the prime membership price is also not very high.

Newbie Friendly

May be you are worried that you are new to the industry and don’t know where to start and how it works. But don’t worry..

If you’re new to the game or short on time, our top sellers can write solo ad text for you.

If you don’t have landing page, you can get one constructed by our sellers.

Those who do not even know how to start, you can use their step-by-step coaching services about solo ads.


Udimi is definitely the best site for solo ads according to me without any doubt. So if you are looking for a service like this or want to sell your services, udimi is the best platform for you. In terms of pricing, security , functions on every aspect Udimi stands in better position than any other platform in the market currently. So just register here which is absolutely free and explore the services they offer.