How you can Make ₿ 0.015+/ $550+ using Automatically month after month

Welcome to Online Money Site where we provide best option to make money online and recurring income as side income added to your pay cheque.

Today we are going to share a new technique to make money and automatically using one gaming site and a automatic running script.

Requirement for this Method to work ….


–>> You need to Register at satoshihill ( Click the link to get register)

–>> 1 BTC = 1,000,000 Bits so you need to have a positive balance to start betting , higher bankroll there is low risk of loosing , The math of script is below 100% working

–>> A script to run this automatically and start making profit every minute ..( The link to script will be provided below in detail method guide .) Hold tight …

  1. Go to website Satoshihill you can see like this ..


–>> First Register here 

–>> Then Login to Website

2) After Login go to deposit page and deposit any amount you need to add there is no limit for lower you can or higher you can add money . Any amount  is good to start but more you add there is less risk  ## Higher Bankroll less risk ## . If you have good fund yo can bet more and make more profit faster ..

3) Now Let get start with betting and use the script we provide to run automatically and get profit in every round …

==>> Click the Earn Tab >>..


Now You can see like this page ..mention below

==>> This will show the Amount of Bits you have for betting ( its deposit amount you made )

==>> It show the main screen were all work will be done and setting will be done and custom script will be added..

==>> It will show the record of bet done and it’s result ….

4) Now here is script which will be added to site a custom script box to make the process automatic and it will run for 24×7 .

==>> Step one mention in image as 1 number,  CLICK The Auto Tab

==>> Step second mention as 2 in image , please click the button it will popup with 2 option like this mention below .. Please click ” CUSTOM

Now Main thing the script which need to be placed in this Red Marked box mention below


Now main thing the script which will make you profit every bet …

==>> Use this code/script  if you have High amount of deposit like more then  Copy code from Pastebin

*** This will get you faster profit and you can withdraw profit many times and your profit is more  ..

==>> Use this code if you Bankroll/investment is less   Copy code from Pastebin this will work best for low invested user ..

*** But this will get you slower profit and take good time to get decent profit .

Put This code Here Like This


Now the Click the Magic Button ” RUN “ 



Now let’s leave it and see how your ” Bits “ growing in your account every hour for life long until you stop or close it …


==>>> Now once you have some good amount of bitcoin in your account you can withdraw fund from your account to your external wallet . The minimum withdraw you can do it is 120 Bits/0.00012 bitcoin ( 20 Bits take as fee) rest send to your wallet .

Here are some income proof and withdraw done from my account …



Congratulations You have now your bitcoin generating machine which will generate bitcoin for life long…


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