Claim $950 USDT & BTC Instant (0% Investment)

Hello do you struggling to earn online and looking for new way how you can earn money and crypt then this article will help you make more then $950 + per month free of cost and without investing single penny .. Read below for more detail guide


Let start the process we need a site where we will claim fund for free and transfer that fund to specific site and withdraw from there toy our main wallet where you can encash it .

==>> Ok first you have to open wallet account where fund will be transfer .

Go to this site and open a free account FaucetPay

Once you register and opened a new account in there , lets head over to next site where we can claim multiple free coin and send to our FaucetPay account ..

=>> Go to this free site where we can claim BinanceCoin(BNB) , TRON (trx ), Tether (Usdt) , Litecoin (Ltc), Doge , Solana ( Sol)

GO to this site

and head over this ” CHOOSE MICROWALLET AND COIN ” & select FaucetPay Faucets

=>> Once done you now land to this page



Select any coin you want to claim and then put your FaucetPay Faucets email id in ” Enter your FaucetPay Email: ” box 


=>> Now complete the captcha and Click ” Get Reward Button ” 

Now all set the free claim fund has been send to your FaucetPay wallet like this

Now you can claim BinanceCoin(BNB) , TRON (trx ), Tether (Usdt) , Litecoin (Ltc), Doge , Solana ( Sol) all this coin every 5 minute and if you work 4-5 hours per day you can earn more then 950+ usd per month ..

=>> You have all the claim fund in your FaucetPay account now you can use this to convert to btc , eth or any other coin and send to your hardware wallet or to exchange wallet like Binance


Work More.. Earn More and Enjoy Profit …

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