Earn bitcoins with Satoshi Hill

SatoshiHill.com is an online multiplayer Bitcoin gambling game consisting of a curve in increasing order from 1x and that could crash any time you have to judge and play according to that. It is a lot of fun and thrill involved in it. If you are lucky enough and play smartly you can win a lot of money here.

And yes it a completely legit site and each outcome is fully automatic.

Let me give you example on how it works.

If you bet 100 Bits and cash out at 1.30x you profit 30 Bits more

Similarly, you bet 100 Bits and cash out at 1.80x your profit would be 80 Bits.

So I think you understood on how it works. Greater you risk higher the chances of profit. You can even bet 100 bits @1.10 bits and take 10 bits safely or you can risk for higher amount as well.

About the game and How it is better ?

Let me tell you that I myself have played almost all kinds of bitcoin gambling game online on different gambling sites, this concept was still unique and the most fun and along with being fun and thrill the potential of winning here is way better that any other gambling sites.

This game is capable of growing your fortune and set you on a winning track! Dive right in and take  a look at what everyone is talking about and give Satoshihill’s crash go!


Just Keep the multiplier increasing and hit your win before it comes crashing. So you need to be careful and know when to cash out before it crashes. The higher it gets the most risk is involved, but more is the return and risking your money surely is worth a reward here. So first give it a go with smaller amounts and when you understand the concept of the game then you can surely go big. Not only is the game  winning option, but you can stay in on the action by keeping up with all the wins and losses with live results and an active on site chat.

Registration and Payment Process

The registration is a simple 1 minute process. Just to to think link and you will be directed to the registration page of satoshi hill or just set a username for yourself and an email and a strong password for yourself. Then you will receive a confirmation link on your registration email just verify that and registration process is completed.

The Deposit and withdrawal process are also pretty easy. Just send the amount of bitcoin that you want to deposit to the given address in the deposit tab or just scan the QR code and deposit.

The best think about the deposit here is that there is no minimum deposit here which is a lot of problem with many gambling sites these days specially after the increased bitcoin price.

So even bitcoins collected through faucets and doing micro jobs you can deposit here with ease.

And about Withdrawal, you can withdraw up to 10 bitcoins at once for those who are lucky enough and and got those BIG wins. Just withdraw bitcoins directly to your wallet within few hours.

So no minimum deposit amount and withdraw limit to 10 bitcoins makes this gambling for all section of people who want to enjoy and have just fun here or who want to try out their luck with big money.

Bonus and Promotions

Satoshihill is filled with various rewards . You will be provided various kinds of bonuses and offers once you deposit and start playing there. And with those small rewards that you will get there is one Jackpot Bonus as well.

  • Jackpot Time !


Also there is a referral bonus in the website you bring your friends here to play along with you and get rewarded for that as well. With every deposit your referral makes you a 5% commission Bitcoin Instant return.

Customer Support and Security

The Satoshihill team in very co-operative and active. They have a well trained well behaved support staff . Whenever you need any assistance from them just use the ticket system on the website and raise you query and it will be dealt very quickly and I guarantee you will be satisfied.

With the laws and regulations being  there at Satoshi Hill, there are no restricted countries that makes you  access from any corner of the world. The security is of high quality with a login in and a Two-Factor Authentication. This allows your account to be secure and safe from any concerns players may have.


Finally I would whether you want to play for fun or want to try your luck in gambling and win big in both the situations, Satoshihill is the best place for you with potential of winning probability.

Deposit and withdrawal is fast and secure with an excellent support team behind.

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