How to get unlimited MATIC TOKEN Completely Free

Welcome To online money making site , today we are going to show you how you can claim Completely FREE  MATIC TOKEN  and sell it in multiple exchange.


Let get started and fellow this steps one by one ……

==>> First you have to get  MetaMask

you can download it as crome extension or firefox extension .

==>> Now start using it open new wallet in metamask once ready it will show like this 

if you not able to do it please fellow this video tutorial 

==>> Once all done now go to ” Custom RPC ” and click it

there you have to put the MATIC NETWORK detail provided below


Network Name: Matic Mainnet
Chain I’d: 137
Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:


After it will look like this

Once done it will be ready to start show you MATIC Token address which you can use to claim MATIC token   .

==>> Now lets start the second step where we will claim the toke. .

Go to this site –

You will see one Connect box and captcha Box like this


Now click the Connect button and it will automatically connect to metamask address we have generated above .

Then complete the captcha ..

Now you will see another box

Click the Receive Button and in around 5-10 second you will get success and will transfer to your wallet and you will see like this page

Then you have claimed MATIC TOKEN in just 10 minute …..

You can claim this token 3 times a day and using this trick you can claim Unlimited times every 15 minute .

==>> How to claim unlimited times , you just need to create multiple matic address in meatamask and use this address every 15 minute to claim it ..

==>> when you have good amount of matic token you can transfer form metamask wallet to any exchnage Matic token is trading ..

I suggest use Binance exchange 

You can sell it there easily …

Hope you will be benefited form this guide and we will try to post this type of earning option in future as well .

If you have any issue comment below and i will be happy to assist you …….