How to make money on Hashshiny

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Written By Utkarsh Mishra

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Hashshiny is one of the fastest growing cloud mining company going around. If you want to start mining your favorite coins but you don’t have available resources as if you have heard about mining how it works you need hardware, a lot of electricity a lot of space and managing it is becoming difficult day by day.

So you can start your mining journey without any fuss from hashiny and start to get the payout from the very second day.

Trust issues

For any one who is investing online the first thing that comes in mind that is this site legit because there are many scam on cloud mining sites already and hence user hesitates to invest his/her hardly earned money. But for this you can do your own research about the site and you will be satisfied yourself. And if i tell you these are the some points which makes me trust this site :

  1. The owners of Hashshiny are the Owners of one of the largest farms in the world with new, latest generation machines. On the site there are photos and videos of the farm. You can check it yourself and verify.
  2. Till now there has not been a single complaint about the site that it has failed to give its payment.
  3. They have the low contract costs compared to competitors.
  4. 1,663,566 people mining here as also stated by the site itself so  they already built a strong community in a short time.

But it is on your personal choise so make your own research and then you can go ahead with the site.

Mining Options

You can not only buy a plan for bitcoin mining here but there are several other options available as well. You can mine Ethereum, Litecoin , Decred ,Dash , Zcash and more will be added in future as well. If you ask me, according to my own research they gave Excellent returns for Zec and Decred contracts. So you can go for that.

How to get started ??

There is a 3 easy steps process to start you mining at Hashshiny and start getting payments.

  • First you need to register an account on Hashshiny which is a 30 second process. Just enter your name email id and you are good to go. Just make sure to verify your email as well.
  • After you have done with registration the next step is to choose your plan and decide which coin you want to mine. As i already said Zec and Decred contracts are good ones so give them a try first otherwise its your choise.
  • And you are done you are now ready to recieve the payouts directly to your wallet and also the minimum withdraw amount is not large so yoi will start to get your payment as soon as you buy a contract.


How the site works ?

To make it easier for you to understand how this works. Just take a look at the image below.


Some unique Features of the Website

Pool Allocation

You can decide which pools you want to mine. This allows you to find the most profitable pools.

Low Maintenance Fee

They have the lowest price on the electricity(0.05 $/kWh) and purchasing costs in the Crypto currency mining industry.

Daily Payouts

This is the best feature of the mining according to me because as a investor myself i know how eager we get after the investement to get our returns and here we get return just after the 24 hours of confirming the order and then we get daily payouts.

Mining Switch

You can yourself control the Mining process by setting up Switch on or Switch off. You have full control permissions on Mining.

So these are already a lot of unique features which makes this cloud mining site different and better from its competitors. So if you want to start mining don’t wait and have a go.

Yes start with a small amount and then you can grow slowly when you get results.


For more information about the plans and the site itself you can also contact their support staff.

There is a contact form on the page where you can contact them directly and you will get a reply within 24 hours.

Start mining today 

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