Strike While The Iron Is Hot

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Making sure that you are accepted by a CPA network involves a bit of work on your part, and it is key to remember that everyone who is applying wants, just as much as you do, to be accepted to the networks you have applied to.
It is therefore essential to make yourself look as valuable as possible to a CPA network by showing that you are intent on making the promotions you are involved in a success for you, for the advertisers and for everyone else involved.
In part, you can demonstrate this to the network by not leaving it to them to get back to you.
In some sectors of the business world this might be considered impolite – getting in people’s faces works in some businesses but in others it is considered highly off-putting.
In CPA, a major part of the strategy that will make you successful will be your enthusiasm. Showing that you do not lack in enthusiasm will work to your advantage – it is well worth calling to follow up your application and explaining that you are keen to get started.
They may go through a phone interview with you there and then and if you demonstrate knowledge to go with your enthusiasm you will look much better in their eyes.
You may find from looking on the network’s website a list of Messenger IDs for the affiliate managers at the company.
This is an excellent chance to make immediate contact and, if the affiliate manager is not available to chat at the time you can make a telephone appointment right there.

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